Recently we discovered a super-fun toy. This is very easy to make and also very cheap. Did you lose one of your socks from a pair and now only have one sock, that you do not know what to do with? Then this project is for you!

All the materials you need:

1. Sock - either from a missing pair, or with limited holes
2. Loose catnip

Here is what you do. Open up the sock very wide, and sprinkle in just a bit of catnip, maybe a pinch or two pinches. Then close up the sock and squish it around a little bit. Give it to your kitty. That is all! Your kitty will love it (and you!). When you think the kitty has lost interest, go ahead and add more pinches of catnip.

Here is Figaro playing with his Sock Puppet.

IKEA Hacker - Link to DIY Projects!

Difficutly: More difficult than our own DIY projects, and require more store-bought materials.

We are excited because Mamaw found a cool site where you can make stuff out of IKEA stuff for kitties. It is called IKEA Hacker. We haven't made any of these things yet but we are considering it.

First, a most attractive kitty bed. It is made out of a doll bed at Ikea. But you have to color it up whatever color you want and make the pillow for it. Go here to learn directions for this most attractive kitty bed (It is not our idea but IKEA Hack's!)

Next, we have this super awesome wall cat ladder. We badly want this. The shelves and brackets are from IKEA, and you can customize sizes. We think another bonus would be to secure some padding or carpet pieces to each shelf. This could be done by using stick-on velcro pieces, stick one on the top of the shelf and another onto the piece you are adding. A good choice would probably be felt. Because we usually slip on stuff. We especially like the little pillow on the top shelf. Go here to learn directions for this wall ladder!
Unfortunately, we aren't sure if we can have this as it would require drilling into the walls and we dunno if its a good idea in case we have to sell our house soon and it doesn't go to kitty people.


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